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Senior Pictures!

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It’s that time of year again! All the seniors at our high school pay large sums of money to be photographed by professional photographers across the valley. Or, if you’re lucky you have an amateur photographer friend, with a decent camera, who can snap a couple great photos of you so you can be on your way without burning a hole in your pocket.

Unfortunately most seniors, girls in particular, will find the photo selection process to be far more difficult than the actual photo shoot. So here are a few suggestions that may be helpful in your selection process!

First: When you receive your photos from the photographer chances are, if you have gotten them done professionally, the photographer has probably selected their best photos out of hundreds. Now it’s your turn! Most of the time there will be a few standouts right off the bat. Try and choose 4-5 pictures of varying look/pose/color that you like the best. Try to avoid choosing pictures that are obviously over edited. People will notice, and it’s just not “organic” if its not really YOU then what’s the point, right?

Second: This might sound lame but go ahead and upload them to Facebook, in some cases the photographer may have already uploaded some and tagged you, that’s fine too. The reason I say this is because its the quickest and most effective way to get feedback from friends and family. See which ones people like the most, that may help narrow down your choices. Or you might see the beauty in a picture you were unsure about before, you never know!

Third: Get final input from the adult(s) who’s opinion you value you most, and two or three of your closest friends. The trusted adult(s) will have a different perspective, they will be able to judge what you will like to see as your senior picture when you look back on it years from now, and they will pick a picture that they think in compasses you as a whole.
Your friends opinions are important because they will choose a picture that represents you as you are now and how they’ve seen you for the last four years.
Ultimately the decision is yours. Try and find a picture that represents you in a way you wish to be looked back upon for years to come, a daunting decision, I know. Try and balance between something that’s you now and something that’s you as a whole, ie something that won’t date itself and become irrelevant to your personality.

Fourth: Picking your top two. First decide, if necessary, if you’re choosing a black and white or color photo. Then look at the pictures side by side. Figure out what’s most important. Smile, hair, outfit, face/head position, etc. I know it sounds silly, but make a pro/con list. What do you like most and least about each photo? If there is obviously more pros to one photo then you probably have a winner! Besides the logical approach, you may just have a gut feeling about a particular photo. Go with it. If you love it you won’t regret it.

So here are some things to remember when considering your senior photo: narrow it down, choose a photo that is natural and representative of you, take input from friends and family into consideration, make the final decision yourself and choose the one you love. Don’t forget that it’s YOUR senior photo and that you should love it (that’s the most important!). Don’t let anyone pressure you into choosing a picture you don’t love. Good luck and have fun! You’re only a senior once!


The Evolution of the Nose Piercing

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ImageWhen you look back at the history of body piercing, particularly the nose, you will find that it started a long long time ago. African tribes and Indians have been piercing their bodies for centuries. Only recently has body piercing become a fad in America and European countries.



ImagePiercings in America started with good old fashioned punk kids, and occasionally hippies and indie kids.Image Piercings were originally seen as a form of rebellion and hardcorness. Piercings used to be associated with people who wore black and plaid and listened to certain types of music.  Punk, Death metal, Metal Core, Black Metal, etc. Those were the people everyone expected to be pierced.



ImageWhen Myspace became popular so did the style known as “Scene” this drew in a crowd of interesting people. These people didn’t necessarily listen to the metal music associated with facial piercings but yet they trended heavily amongst them. I think the scene kids really opened up the door for piercings to expand beyond the confines of metal kids.




Normal? ..

Nowa days any one can walk into the doors of a piercing shop and get whatever they want pierced without a second look. Weather you’re preppy, sporty, scene, metal, ect. Everyone is being pierced. Especially the nose. The nose is one of the fastest growing piercings; it’s becoming more acceptable in the work place and looks less appalling to grandparents than a lip or other facial piercing.

Some people might refer to this as a nose piercing epidemic. Something that used to be unique to a certain group has exploded and branched out to many groups. Needless to say, nose piercings have become more and more common. Beyond that, the nose “hoop” jewelry has become more acceptable. It used to be that a modest stud was considered enough, and hoops were seen as the more edgy/rebellious style, but now the hoop is no longer seen as anything out of the norm.

This is all quite frustrating to people who are into having a stand-out style. Especially to those of us who hate having things that are the “same” as other people, myself included. It is becoming more and more difficult to have a style that is unique; someone out there somewhere will most always be very very similar to you. No matter how hard you try there will always be someone out there to “cramp your style”.

50 Shades of Nail Polish

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I recently suffered from an addictive buying streak: nail polish. Glitter, teal, crackle, white. You name it I probably have it. My 13 year old sister was stunned by my collection and actually decided to count how many colors I had. The total came to fifty: 50 shades of nail polish.

Before I dive into my post I’d like to provide you with some background on nail polish; Nail painting has been around since the 17th and 18th centuries, even portraits of the Incas included shiny nails. That being said, modern day nail polish wasn’t created until 1917.

 FUN FACT: Nail polish as we know it today is actually a refined version of the paint on cars.

Back in the days of its creation, nail polish was worn in boring colors like brown and clear or pink and red. Luckily, today’s culture has evolved and nail polish is now made in some eye popping colors and even patterns. For example, the crackle nail polish creates a cracked look on the surface of the nail. The crackle is generally worn with two contrasting colors. (One color is the base color; the other is the layer of crackle on the top)

Currently, nail polish colors and different nail styles can even identify with different groups of people. For example, black nail polish is commonly associated with the “Goth” or “Punk” culture where as colors like pink and red are seen as very feminine and girly.  French manicures are often associated with special occasions; giving nails a clean and natural look, and appearing very innocent.

Glitter Accent Nail

My favorite trend is glitter nail polish. Glitter nail polish is fun, feminine, bright, and shiny! You can wear glitter nail polish in a couple different ways. The most popular way is to paint your nails and then do a coat of glitter on just one as an accent nail.Typically the accent nail is on your ring finger, although I have seen it on the thumb or index finger.           

Solid Glitter Nail Polish

Since glitter nail polish is mostly just glitter it requires a few coats if that’s the only polish you plan on applying. Since there is more glitter and less actual nail polish it does dry faster! On the flip side though, it tends to flake off more easily and may require a lot of maintenance. My solution is to try doing a base coat of clear polish if you have the time. Some of the glitter nail polish can also feel rough so I suggest applying a top coat of clear as well.

The third way I suggest wearing glitter nail polish is over another solid color. For example, putting down a base coat of blue and adding blue glitter (that way you don’t need to do a million coats of just glitter). Or you could do a base coat of black and add some orange glitter for Halloween. *NOTE* look at your glitter nail polish before you apply it over another color! Some of them are tinted and some of them are clear! The best way to tell is to remove the brush from the bottle and look at the nail polish outside of the bottle. It would be a bummer to try and add blue glitter accents on a yellow nail and have it turn green because of a blue tint in the glitter.

Nail polish is a fun way to express yourself and add some flare to your style. Nail polish is the best because you can get colors for any season and any occasion, it’s not too expensive, and you can use it more than once.  So enjoy painting your nails, it’s not permanent like a tattoo so don’t be afraid to try new things.  When you have 50 shades of nail polish, there are endless possibilities. Happy painting!

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