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28 Days Later…

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Menstrual Cramps Tips28 days later, it’s that time of the month again! The painters are in, you have a friend visiting, you’re going to Japan. Whatever you might call it we all know what it means. Cramps, cravings, and an emotional rollercoaster for some. So today I have a few helpful suggestions for surviving the worst week of the month.

Lets start with cramps. Here are five things I do to help aleviate the pain of cramps:

  1. Ibuprofen every four hours on the dot.
    Taking a pain reliever when you first notice the cramps and as often as directed on the package will help get rid of pesky cramps.
  2. Heating pad or rice sack/baby/animal heating pad
    If you’re lying down in agony placing a heating pad or a rice filled heating pad (heated in the microwave) on your abdomen will help relive cramps.
  3. Exersize: Run, hike, stay moving. It keeps your body and mind busy.
    If you’re active you won’t notice the cramps.
  4. Eat a healty diet, follow the food guide pyramid.
  5. Distract yourself. Go out and do things! Find some kind of craft to do, work on homework.

Now on to cravings. Sometimes you suddenly get the urge to eat something… Chocolate, potato chips, whatever it might be, it’s probably not very healthy. Eating healty foods will make your cramps more bareable, try and find a healthy alternative to any junk food craving you have. Or try not to eat too much of it.

Need chocolate? Try something healthy.
Here is a link to some healthy chocloate snacks thaty wont bust your belt.

Something salty? Try almands. They are healthy and tasty!
Try some of these low calorie snakcs to help your salt cravings.

How about those mood swings? Livstrong has some great ways to calm them naturally
Simple things like exersize, changing your diet, and getting out into the sun more.

Hopefully you find some of these ideas useful/helpful! Women don’t have it easy, hopefully this will lessen the stress of that one week a month.

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